The World Health Organization (WHO) determines, according to certain criteria, the countries where there is a risk of yellow fever transmission, so that travelers to or from these countries are requested the International Certificate of Vaccination against yellow fever on entering El Salvador.

List of countries with risk of yellow fever transmission

  • Central América: Panamá
  • South America: Bolivia, Brasil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana Francesa, Guyana, Perú, Venezuela and Paraguay
  • African continent: except the Democratic Republic of Congo, the United Republic of Tanzania, Santo Tomé, and Príncipe and Somalia.

A valid certificate must be understood to be issued by the competent sanitary authority that has at least ten days of validity at the time will start the trip and, thus, will have a duration of ten years from the date of vaccination.


The information published is for reference, we recommend that you consult with your travel agency, for any update.