Event Location

International General

  • Edmundo Vitale (Coordinator)
  • Indyra Araujo (Assistant)

Program Comitee

  • Ermanno Pietrosemoli (Coordinator)
  • Christian O’Flaherty
  • Edmundo Vitale
  • José Domínguez
  • Ernesto Majó
  • Steven Huter

Local General Coordination

  • Francisco Zepeda (Coordinator)
  • Edwin Callejas
  • Rafael ‘Lito’ Ibarra
  • Jorge Aparicio
  • Luis Palomo
  • Ruth Figueroa de Flores
  • Daniel Ramírez


International Organising Institution

The Latin American School of Networking (Fundación EsLaRed), it’s a nonprofit institution dedicated to promoting information technologies in Latin America and the Caribbean. Its main goals are: To develop, promote and publicize IT, training human resources and research in the areas of telecommunications, computing, computers and computer networks in general and their applications. Desing plans on R+D and technology transfer in order to facilitate scientific and technical progress in Latin America and the Caribbean. To this end, the Foundation has the following duties: Perform activities to contribute the development of research and researchers training, such as courses, workshops, seminars, symposia, conferences and national and international conferences. Providing care, advice, assistance, guidance and research to natural or legal persons, public or private, in the areas of telecommunications, computing, computers and computer networks in general.

Local Organising Institution

In 1979 a group of academics and visionary Salvadoran businessmen met to found the Technological Institute of Commerce and Business Administration (Itcae), whose foundations would consolidate the existence of what is now the Technological University of El Salvador. The founders of the Itcae were graduates Juan José Olivo Peñate, Edgardo Emilio Zepeda, José Mauricio Loucel, Rufino Garay h. and the engineer José Adolfo Araujo Romagoza.

Our Vision

To be recognized as one of the best private universities in the region, through its graduates and its careful institutional processes of construction and application of knowledge, proposing solutions relevant to the needs of broad sectors of society.

Our Mission

The Technological University of El Salvador exists to provide broad population sectors, innovative educational services, promoting their critical capacity and social responsibility; Using appropriate methodologies and academic resources, developing institutionally: relevant research and social projection, all consistent with its philosophy and cultural heritage.