Workshop for Latin america and the Caribbean (WALC)


  1. It is to contribute to satisfy the training needs of technicians and professionals from Latin American and Caribbean countries, in the area of information and communication technologies, with an emphasis on the practical aspect of networks, in the organization and project management in ICT and in the recent technological developments in these fields. This is done since year 1992.
  2. It is also intended to identify and establish individual and institutional linkages that contribute to the development of national or regional cooperative projects that leverage on ICTs to support the training of human resources and propose solutions to the varied and felt needs that are facing the region in different sectors such as Education, Health and Environment. In the past, this has been used to create fruitful positive impact initiatives in Latin America.
  3. The proposed program covers current issues that focus on the main demands in the region, selected by the International Program Committee with the input from local organizers.
  4. With the experience of previous editions 7 workshops are offered simultaneously, among which the attendees choose the one that best fits their training expectations.
  5. This year, topics related to the Fundamental Technologies such as Wireless Networks, IPv6, Security and Network Management have been included, as well as topics related to emerging technologies of the Third Technology Platform, such as the courses of Internet of Things (IoT), Virtualization and High Availability and Cloud Computing, as the firsts in a series to be exhibited in future WALCs.
  6. The training offered will be attended by about twenty instructors from the Latin American region as well as the US and Europe, associated with higher education institutions, research centers in technological innovations, international organizations that provide training services to developing countries, private sector companies and other organizations that are offering and promoting Internet services.
  7. This year, the event is being repeated in Central America in the city of San Salvador, El Salvador, with the venue of the Technological University of El Salvador, justified mainly by the training needs of professionals and technicians in the area of Internet Network Technologies that are required in this country and in other neighboring countries of this sub-region.


Information of General Interest