Track 6 - Internet of Things (IoT)

Track 6 – Internet of Things (IoT)

(Tentative Program)


Attendees will get an overview covering all the issues that together compose an IoT (Internet of Things) system, including a WSN (Wireless Sensor Network). Students will team up to work on finding a problem to solve, analyze it, design a solution and use the issues covered on the workshop to deploy a real IoT solution on the field.

Intended Audience:

  • ICT professionals interested on IoT.
  • Researchers and scientists that want to apply IoT technologies on their fields.
  • Software developers that want to learn about IoT.
  • Professionals working with constrained hardware platforms with embedded software.

Required background

  • Basic knowledge of computer networks and electronics.
  • Basic knowledge of Linux/Unix systems.
  • Basic knowledge of programming.


  • Marco Zennaro, Ph.D, International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP)


Topics to be covered

The following topics will be covered both in theory and practice:

  • Introduction to IoT, what is it, and what is it useful for
  • Wireless communications on IoT.
  • Network communications used in IoT and associated protocols (IPv6, 6LowPAN, ROLL).
  • Platforms to be used for the IoT.
  • Types of sensors and their use.
  • Application level communications on IoT (CoAP), REST, HTTP, MQTT).
  • Sending data to cloud-based plataforms.

Program and further details in the spanish page