The purpose of these workshops, which have been conducted for more than twenty years, is to meet the training needs of professionals and technicians from Latin America and the Caribbean in the area of information and communication technologies (ICT), with emphasis on the practical aspects of networking, as well as project management in ICT and recent technological developments in the field.

The workshops also aim to identify and create individual and institutional bindings to contribute to the development of cooperative projects of national or regional scope using ICT to support human resources training and propose solutions to the many and intense needs the region faces in different sectors such as Education, Health and Environment. In the past, this has proved successful to create initiatives with positive impact in Latin America.

This year we have included issues related to fundamental technologies like Wireless, Security, Advanced Routing, Network Management, among others, and have begun to incorporate courses from emerging technologies or from Third Technology Platform such as the Internet of Things, IoT, as the first in the series to be displayed in future WALCs.
The training will be conducted by twenty instructors from Latin American, US and Europe, affiliated to higher education institutions, technology and innovation research centers, and other organizations with many years of experience.