• US$ 300 Public and Academic Sector
  • US$ 400 Private Sector

Investment cost includes: Participation on the selected workshop, support materials, assistance certification, refreshments and lunch.

Currency in COSTA RICA:

Costa rican Colón (₡, CRC).
The Costa Rican Colon, named in honor of Admiral Christopher Columbus, is the official currency of the Republic of Costa Rica in Central America. Its symbol is a letter C crossed by two vertical bars “₡”. Its ISO 4217 code is CRC.


  • All 6 workshops will be held simultaneously.
  • There is a limited number of scholarships to subsidize half the cost of tuition, and in special cases the cost of tuition.
  • One US dollar equals approximately to 531.25 CRC.
  • To get further information please consult: http://www.xe.com/