The purpose of these workshops, which have been conducted since 1992, is to meet the training needs of professionals and technicians from Latin America and the Caribbean in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT), with emphasis on the theoretical and practical aspects of networking, as well as project management in ICT, addressing also recent technological developments in the field.

The workshops also aim at identifying and creating individual and institutional human networks to foster cooperative projects that enhance the provision of Education, Health and Environmental issues awareness. In the past, this has led to the creation of successful initiatives with significant impact.

This year’s program focusses on the current requirements of the region, chosen by the International Program Committee with input from the local organizers. This has led us to offer six concurrent workshops covering fundamental technologies like Wireless Data Networking, IPv6, Network Security and Network Management, as well as newer topics as Internet of Things, IoT and Cloud Computing.

The training offered will draw from twenty instructors affiliated with universities, research institutions and industry, from Latin America, USA and Europe, with ample practical experience.

The venue will be the National Autonomous University of Honduras in the city of Tegucigalpa, with the aim of improving the technical expertise of professional and technicians from the neighbouring Central American countries.

General Information WALC 2016