Workshop for Latin america and the Caribbean (WALC)


The goal is to contribute to meet the training needs of technicians and professionals from Latin American and Caribbean countries, in the area of information and communication technologies, with emphasis on the practical aspect of networks, the organization and project management in ICT and in recent technological developments in these fields, following a tradition that began in 1992. It is also intended to identify and establish individual and institutional ties that contribute to the development of national or regional cooperative projects that leverage ICTs to support the training of human resources and propose solutions to the needs of the region in sectors like Education, Health and Environment. In the past, this has led to fruitful initiatives in Latin America. The proposed program covers current issues that focus on the main requirements of the region, selected by the International Program Committee with the input from local organizers. Based on past experience, six concurrent workshops are offered, so participants can choose the one that best meets their training expectatives. This year, topics related to Fundamental Technologies such as IPv6, Security and Network Management have been included, and topics related to emerging technologies or the Third Technological Platform have also been incorporated, such as Internet of Things (IoT) and the joint Cloud Computing plus Big Data. Additionally, a new track on Community Networks has been included for the second consecutive year, in order to present and discuss different methodologies of organization, business model, service offer, participation model and governance, as well as to review mechanisms for sustainability of the network. The training will be led by instructors from Latin America, US and Europe, affiliated with higher education institutions, research centers, international organizations, private sector companies and other organizations that offer Internet services. This year the event returns to Central America, following the one held in El Salvador in 2017. For the first time it will be hosted in Guatemala, at the headquarters of the Kinal Foundation, to meet he training needs of networking professionals and technicians in this country and the neighboring ones.