Galería de vídeos

Entrenamiento en redes realizado en Costa Rica. WALC 2015
Duración: 3:46 minutos
Idioma: Español

Hangout en vivo de Internet Society Latinoamérica y Caribe:
Entrevista a Ermanno Pietrosemoli, premio Trayectoria de LACNIC 2014
Duración: 29:27 minutos
Idioma: Español

Instalando redes inalámbricas en África.
Marruecos 2012
Duración: 31:33 minutos.
Idioma: Inglés.

PISCES Project Provides Solar Powered Wifi to Remote Islands
Guam, August 2, 2012
Duration: 2:30 m.
Languaje: English.

Guam – The remote island of Udot, Chuuk will soon be connected to the world-wide-web through the help of the Pacific Island Schools Connectivity, Education and Solar (PISCES) Project.
An international team of technology experts was on Guam this week to provide training in deploying the technology. Participants recieved hands on training to learn how to set up solar powered long-distance wireless connectivity so that it can be used to connect other remote islands in Micronesia.
The project is funded by Google, the Pacific Telecommunications Council and the Internet Society.